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I am moving out of Park LaBrea, breaking my lease and they can pry the lease break from my cold dead hands. I moved in several months ago. When I moved I was looking for a place where I could have a dog. At the time Park La Brea's website said "Park La Brea is now dog friendly" When I went to sign the lease I saw the "no dogs" portion of the lease and immediately asked my leasing agent about it. He then pointed me to the pet addendum which states that with a $500 deposit and an additional $100 a month I could have a dog. When I said "oh thank goodness" since I had already told him I wanted to get a dog, he then stopped and asked if I had one already. When I said no, then he explained the addendum. I realize now he was just concerned with getting me in and he was well aware I was moving in to a tower unit which is not allowed to have a dog. Satisfied I moved in. A couple months in I finally found a dog I wanted and adopted the sweet little girl. It was then I discovered that dogs are only allowed in certain units and mine was not one of them. Eventually I received a notice that I had to get rid of my dog within 5 days (really? only 5 days?) I immediately contacted the woman whose name was on the letter through email, because that is what she had specifically asked me to do in the letter. I sent 10 emails and only got one response. I called and never had my call returned. Even when I told her via email I was moving out I got no response. Finally when I said I needed some kind of response or I would be leaving my keys in envelope at the front desk after I had moved out did I get a response. It just said their legal department would be contacting me. Wow, they couldn't even muster the effort to deal with me as a human being, which is really sad, of course not as bad as being lied to when I moved in. Read everything when you move in people. The only thing that said I couldn't have a dog was one sentence in a section that was about having more than one dog. Oh and I live in a tower and only one elevator worked for 6 months straight.


"expensive rents, no amenities included; so you have to pay for a parking spot!!! thats another $30-150/month and pay to use the gym/ pool which is also maintained poorly, overcharges, charges all kinds of fees and the staff are not helpful at all. to deal with the administrative , services and management staff is a total nightmare...Stay Away from these people! they are here to rip you off. because their leasing agents are very pro in what they do; i.e. get people to move in and face all kinds of problems their 2nd day in. ridiculously stupid policies and rules. the patrol they've hired is one of the cheapest around.. and how'd you feel if i tell you that they have keys to every door here and do visit your unit whether you're present or not! not sure if they're trustworthy and loyal either, have read many theft reports from PLB residents!

i'd also like to mention the roaches i recently found in my apartment..all sizes! had the pest control folks come but no improvement so far.. of course.. when all the trash from the entire building is dumped right below the lobby and stays there for long hours.. all sorts of bugs leak into the units up above.. and i think its disgusting to have to pass by the garbage every time you go to do your laundry.. laundry is another story here at PLB. the community is equipped with smart card facilities and the cards don't read often and the machine steals your money! what a pain!
few good things i could say about living at park la brea is proximity to the Grove, WeHo and general neighborhood which i like alot. spacious units and nice old hardwood flooring. but it ends there and the rest of it is a total disaster.. probably the worst part is the management done so poorly that brings tear to eyes :( be ready for not seeing your security deposit returned to you, now how do i know that? i've already exchanged apartments INside park la brea!! "

Thank you,

PLB resident 2007-10

I lived here from Nov 2008 until Mar 2010. I must say, I loved the area, I love the view, and I must admit that I did like our unit, but it really ends there. After being suckered in by the beautiful facade shown to us by our leasing agent, my gf and I signed a one year lease. Compared to where we were before (Koreatown), this was heaven.
However, after shaking the hell that was Koreatown and settling in to PLB, we started to notice that it was not exactly heaven. There was nickle and diming fees for god knows what on every statement that came in. Then, on a several times a day basis, the elevators would shut down and they'd take forever to come repair them, this was their relaxed attitude with any repair though. But the all around worst part was the parking. We would not leave our home if we got a parking space because it was hell to get one again if you gave it up. I have literally driven around for more than an hour coming home late at night just because I wanted to park my car. There's nowhere to park!!!! Ironic for a place called "Park" La Brea.
Now picture this: Driving home from work in LA traffic for 1 to 2 hours, then getting home and fighting other people for a parking space for another 45 mins, driving in circles repeatedly. You give the finger a few times as other frustrated motorists swoop in on spots that you signaled for. Then, you finally park, extremely far from your apt cuz it's the only spot you can get, then, you have groceries with you. You finally walk the half mile to your building lugging your bags, and both elevators are shut down with a crowd in the lobby waiting around. Now haul your heavy groceries up the stairwell to the 12th floor, cuz it's you're only choice if you want to be home. No wonder my gf and I would come home pissed off every day.
Then, when we finally moved out, we had a discrepancy about them charging us an extra few days. (their "how to move out" brochure says return your keys to the leasing office between mon-fri, we moved out on a Saturday and returned the keys on the first available day, that Monday. They charged us for that Sunday since we still had the keys on that day regardless of the fact that their pamphlet states mon-fri.) After calling 8 million times (all unsanswered) and making 30 thousand trips to the leasing office to settle this, they finally gave me a claim form to fill out. I couldn't just hand it to them though, no, that's too easy. I had to fax it to them (even though I was standing right where it was getting faxed to). So I took a time machine back to 1993 when people actually owned fax machines, faxed the stupid paper, and got my money back many weeks later. This is just one detailed example of the way they work with you as a tenant.
Oh yeah, and the security is a joke, just ghetto hip hop kids in stupid hats that don't care. I reported a car getting broken into while it was happening, they said they'd send someone right away. 20 mins later some young security guard walks up to about 200 feet away from where the situation happened, stopped, and turned around. Thorough investigation if you ask me.
On top of all this, I started to notice a couple cockroaches in our building just in the last couple weeks before we moved out. They were constantly out there spraying other units on the opposite end of our building (I asked the workers what they were spraying for), and I noticed one small roach in our place about a week before we moved. I'm glad we dodged that bullet by moving out just in the knick of time.
The amenities are not free, and they're way over priced. You could get a real gym membership for way less than what PLB charges for that dinky little room they call a "gym".



I WAS SUCH A FOOL TO RENT HERE. I saw this website after a tenant told me to check it out as I was waiting to see a leasing agent in Aug 2009. I checked out the website and dismissed it. I thought that it must be a competitor in the area and I didn't believe the validity. Well I was a FOOL. 3 months after I moved in the paint in my kitchen and started to peel off. I started to see silver fish bugs all over. The screen on the windows did very little to keep mosquitoes out of my apartment. It took the maintenance personnel 3 months to repaint the kitchen I had to have my apartment sprayed for bugs twice now and the silverfish bugs are still coming back. And the maintenance guy told me that there is nothing they can do about the poor design of the window screens. Oh and the laundry rooms are disgusting. They are always filthy. I F%$@# hate living here.
Martin S.
I finally got to move out at the end of August 2009. I lived there from August 2004-2009. The last-straw was when in June 2009 they almost killed my cats from performing unapproved work in my apartment. I lived at XXXX Metropolitan Plaza.This is what happened. The city had demanded that work be done in my bathroom. No problem they came & did some work. The inspectors came back & said they needed to do more to the bathroom. Mgmt notified they would be coming on Monday June 22, 2009 to complete the job in the bathroom. As usual I put a note on the door to not leave it open & make sure my cats don't get out. I came home mid-morning and the first thing I notice is my screen door ajar. I was already freaked thinking my cats got out. As I climbed my inside staircase it was covered in heavy duty painters plastic. I got to the top of the stars & 2 guys were painting the ceiling of my living room. My cats no where to be found. I screamed at them where are my cats because all my furniture including my bed were covered with this heavy plastic. My poor cats were underneath the couch in the living room which was completely encased in plastic. They were not near their food or litterbox & obviously limited air.  If I had not come home when I did, there is not a doubt they would have been dead!!!! Mgmt of course offered no apology, oh it was just a mix-up. I had planned to move out anyway but this was the last straw. I would like to see nothing better for them to be sued. The amount of emotional distress I incurred was awful. Of course there were many other issues over the time I lived there, but this by far was the worse.
Thank you
Bonnie S.

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